The duplicitous effects of interleukin 4 on tumour immunity
Low frequency of the disease-associated DRB1*15-DQB1*06 haplotype may contribute to the low prevalence of multiple sclerosis in Sami
Proximal interleukin-10 gene polymorphisms in Italian patients with systemic sclerosis
Epistatic interaction between FCRL3 and MHC in Spanish patients with IBD
HLA-DRB1*0402 haplotypes without DQB1*0302 in Venezuelan patients with pemphigus vulgaris
Association of polymorphic extracellular domains of MICA with cervical cancer in northeastern Thai population
NK–KIR ligand identification
Rapid detection of intercellular adhesion molecule 1 (G241R and K469E) polymorphisms by a novel PCR–SSP assay
Molecular aspects of a novel HLA-A*02 allele (A*0297)
Sequence variation within the major histocompatibility complex subregion centromeric of HLA class II in type 1 diabetes
Identification of acceptable HLA mismatches in immunized patients using single-antigen-expressing cell lines
Polymorphism of the transmembrane region of the MICA gene and human brucellosis†
Sequence analysis of the new allele HLA-A*020112†
Complete coding sequence of a new HLA-A allele, HLA-A*0326†
HLA-B*350802, a novel allele, which has arisen by silent mutation at codon 67
HLA-B*9518 allele identified in the Chinese population†
Identification of a novel HLA-B*56 allele, B*5618 and an extension of B*2736 by sequence-based typing
Identification of a novel HLA-B*58 allele, B*5813, by sequence-based typing of DNA from Korean baby cord blood
Sequence-based typing characterization of the novel HLA-Cw*1609 allele in the Moroccan Chaouya group†
HLA-DQB1*0317 is a novel allele with an unusual DR-DQ haplotype†