The immunoinformatics of cancer immunotherapy
Concordant expression of proto-oncogene promyelocytic leukemia and major histocompatibility antigen HLA class I in human hepatocellular carcinoma
Predisposition to HPV16/18-related cervical cancer because of proline homozygosity at codon 72 of p53 among Indian women is influenced by HLA-B*07 and homozygosity of HLA-DQB1*03
Elevated MCP-1 serum levels are associated with the H63D mutation and not the C282Y mutation in hereditary hemochromatosis
HLA class I and class II frequencies in patients with sarcoidosis from Croatia
Association of CD94/NKG2A, CD94/NKG2C, and its ligand HLA-E polymorphisms with Behcet's disease
Interleukin-18 promoter polymorphism in patients with atopic asthma
Characterization of a new HLA-B allele, HLA-B*5312, and re-evaluation of the published sequences of the untranslated regions of HLA-B*35 and HLA-B*53
Genetic analyses of celiac disease in a Spanish population confirm association with CELIAC3 but not with CELIAC4
Absence of the HLA-G*0105N allele in Amerindian populations from the Brazilian Amazon Region
The nature of diversity of HLA-DRB1 exon 3
Bioinformatic integration of biomechanics makes HLA sequencing universally applicable
HLA-A*020115 and HLA-Cw*030203 show new synonymous mutations in exon 4
Description of a new HLA-B allele
A novel HLA-B*46 allele, B*4609, identified by sequence-based typing in a Chinese donor
Identification of two new HLA-B alleles, HLA-B*4069 and B*5409, in the Liaoning province of China
A novel HLA-C allele, Cw*0119, isolated from the Han Chinese
Identification of a novel HLA-DRB1*14 allele, HLA-DRB1*1458, by sequence-based typing
A novel HLA-G allele, HLA-G*010111, in the Brazilian population
An apparent KIR2DS2-negative KIR2DL2-positive genotype discloses the novel allele KIR2DS2*00104
Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, update June 2007