JEAN DAUSSET (1916–2009)
Genetic determinants of HIV-1 infection and progression to AIDS
Plasma concentrations of TNF-α and its soluble receptors sTNFR1 and sTNFR2 in patients with coronary artery disease
High-resolution, high-throughput HLA genotyping by next-generation sequencing
Human neutrophil alloantigen-1a, -1b, -2, -3a and -4a frequencies in Brazilians
Fine mapping of the CELIAC2 locus on chromosome 5q31-q33 in the Finnish and Hungarian populations
The CD226 gene in susceptibility of type 1 diabetes
Genetic polymorphisms and haplotype structures of HSPA5 gene in the Han population of Southern China
Thirty-six novel HLA alleles
IL7RA polymorphisms and chronic inflammatory arthropathies
Five novel HLA-A alleles, HLA-A*030108, A*2491, A*2498, A*330303, A*3317 were identified by polymerase chain reaction sequence based typing
A novel allele, HLA-A*110203, was identified in a Chinese individual
Identification of a novel HLA-A*680202 allele by sequence-based typing in an African American individual
Full length sequence of a novel HLA-B*132202 allele
Full length sequence of a novel HLA-B*3818 allele differs from HLA-B*380201 allele in exon 4 and intron 5
A novel HLA-B allele, B*4096 was identified by sequence-based typing in a Chinese individual
A novel HLA-B*54 allele, B*5417, identified in a Northern Chinese Han individual
A novel HLA-B allele
Identification of HLA-B*9521 in Taiwan
A frame shift due to a two-nucleotide deletion results in an HLA-B null allele, B*9549N
Identification of a new HLA-Cw*01 variant, Cw*0121, by sequence-based typing in a Chinese patient
Genomic full length sequence of HLA-Cw*030301, identified by cloning and sequencing
A novel HLA-Cw*04 allele, Cw*04010103, identified by genomic full length cloning and sequencing
Full-length sequence of a novel allele, HLA-Cw*070205
Identification of a novel HLA-Cw*070206 allele
Cloning and sequencing analysis of a novel HLA-Cw*08 variant allele, Cw*0827
The predicted protein structures of the novel DRB1*0717 and DRB1*0701 are highly related
A novel HLA-DRB1*120204 allele found in a Chinese individual
The novel HLA-G*01010302 allele differs from G*01010301 by a single nucleotide change in intron 5