Role of MICA in the immune response to transplants
Correlation between genetic HLA class I and II polymorphisms and anthropological aspects in the Chaouya population from Morocco (Arabic speaking)
The association and differentiation of MHC class I polymorphic Alu insertions and HLA-B/Cw alleles in seven Chinese populations
An influence of HLA-A, B, DR, DQ, and MICA on the occurrence of Celiac disease in patients with type 1 diabetes
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Distribution of KIR genes in the population of unrelated individuals homozygous for ancestral haplotype AH8.1 (HLA-A1B8DR3)
Association of interleukin 18 gene polymorphism with susceptibility to the development of acute lung injury after cardiopulmonary bypass surgery
Identification of a novel allele HLA-A*1149 in a Chinese leukemia patient
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A new HLA-B*15 allele, HLA-B*9587, identified by sequence-based typing in a Korean individual
A new HLA-DRB1 allele
HLA-DQB1*0404, a novel DQB1-allele detected in a volunteer blood platelet donor typed for HLA