Antibody-reactive epitope determination with HLAMatchmaker and its clinical applications
A gene-specific primer extension and liquid bead array system for killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor genotyping
Association of the HLA-G gene +3142C>G polymorphism with systemic lupus erythematosus
A single nomenclature and associated database for alleles at the major histocompatibility complex class II DRB1 locus of sheep
Differential major histocompatibility complex class I chain-related A allele associations with skin and joint manifestations of psoriatic disease
Association of HLA alleles with Plasmodium falciparum severity in Malian children
Systematic analysis of swine leukocyte antigen-DRB1 nucleotide polymorphisms using genomic DNA-based high-resolution genotyping and identification of new alleles
A simple multiplex polymerase chain reaction to determine ABO blood types of rhesus macaques ( Macaca mulatta )
HLA-DR polymorphism modulates response to house dust mites in a transgenic mouse model of airway inflammation
Distribution of cytokine gene polymorphisms in Thai population
The novel allele, HLA-B*07:68:02 , identified in a German cord blood donor and her father
Two amino acid changes located in the alpha 1 domain specify the novel HLA-B*27:67 allele affecting the peptide-binding-site characteristics
Two novel HLA class II alleles, DRB1*11:96 and DQB1*02:01:03 , identified in Koreans
Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, update January 2011
Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, update February 2011