HLA-G 2012 conference: the 15-year milestone update
Association study of STAT4 polymorphisms and type 1 diabetes in Northeastern Chinese Han population
High throughput HLA genotyping using 454 sequencing and the Fluidigm Access Array™ system for simplified amplicon library preparation
A one-step DNA sequencing strategy to HLA type hematopoietic stem cell donors at recruitment – rethinking typing strategies
The association between a functional polymorphism in the CD24 gene and the development of autoimmune thyroid diseases
Association of KIR genes and HLA-C alleles with HPV-related uterine cervical disease in Korean women
Identification of a novel HLA-A allele, A*02:357 , in a Chinese individual
Two new HLA alleles, HLA-A*23:20 and HLA-A*02:127 identified in Chinese individuals
A novel HLA-A allele, A*31:65, was identified by sequence-based typing in a Chinese potential donor
HLA-B*27:44 , a novel allele identified by sequence-based typing, is a well-documented allele in China
A novel HLA-B allele, B*40:01:06 , identified by sequence-based typing in a Chinese individual
Sequencing of the novel HLA-B*49:24 and HLA-DRB1*03:64 alleles
The new HLA-B*58:21 allele is predicted to be functionally similar to the B*58:01P group of alleles
The new HLA-C variant HLA-C*05:26 is likely to be structurally identical to the C*05:01P alleles
Characterization of a novel HLA-C*07 allele, HLA-C*07:56:01