HLA typing by next-generation sequencing – getting closer to reality
Tim-3 expression on peripheral monocytes and CD3+CD16/CD56+natural killer-like T cells in patients with chronic hepatitis B
Worldwide HLA-E nucleotide and haplotype variability reveals a conserved gene for coding and 3′ untranslated regions
Improved pan-specific MHC class I peptide-binding predictions using a novel representation of the MHC-binding cleft environment
High density FTA plates serve as efficient long-term sample storage for HLA genotyping
HLA-class II alleles in patients with drug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis in Kazakhstan
Implication of HLA-G 3′ untranslated region polymorphisms in human papillomavirus infection
NO to obsolete definitions: YES to blanks
Report of a novel KIR3DS1*0130104 allele discovered using advanced molecular techniques
Full-length genomic sequence of a new KIR3DL1*0150203 allele
Long-range sequencing revealed a new KIR3DL1*0150204 allele in 20 individuals of Asian descent
Description of a novel KIR3DL1*0050104 allele identified using sequence-based techniques
Full-length sequence of KIR3DL1*01501 allele found in Sub-Saharan Africa by long-range sequencing
Identification of KIR3DL1*0200101 by long-range sequence-based techniques
Two novel KIR3DL1 alleles, 3DL1*0150205 and 3DL1*0150206 , identified by full-length DNA sequencing
A new HLA-A*01 allele – A*01:139
A new HLA allele, HLA-B*08:108 , described in two unrelated Spanish individuals
HLA-B*27:05:25 – a further HLA-B*27:05 allele with a synonymous nucleotide substitution
Genomic full-length sequence of a novel HLA-B*39:01:01:03 allele was identified in a Chinese individual
Identification of a novel HLA-DRB1*14 allele, HLA-DRB1*14:143 , by sequence-based typing