HLA similarities indicate shared genetic risk in 21-hydroxylase autoantibody positive South African and United States Addison's disease
Polymorphism in NFKBIA gene is associated with recurrent acute rejections in liver transplant recipients
Minor histocompatibility antigens: past, present, and future
Identification and characterisation of peptide binding motifs of six autoimmune disease-associated human leukocyte antigen-class I molecules including HLA-B*39:06
Frequencies of immune hypersensitivity reaction-associated HLA class I alleles in healthy South African Indian and mixed ancestry populations determined by a novel real-time PCR assay
CD11a, CD11c, and CD18 gene polymorphisms and susceptibility to Behçet's disease in Koreans
An HLA-A*11 variant, A*11:166 , revealed in a Taiwanese unrelated bone marrow hematopoietic stem cell donor
Genomic full-length sequence of two HLA-A*11 alleles, identified by cloning and sequencing
A new human leukocyte antigen class I allele: HLA-A*11:125
Identification of two novel alleles HLA-A*11:133 and A*11:02:05 by polymerase chain reaction sequence-based typing
Discovery of HLA-A*11:167 , a variant of HLA-A*11 , in a Taiwanese unrelated hematopoietic stem cell donor
A new HLA-A*24 allele, HLA-A*24:02:87 , identified by sequencing-based typing in a Chinese volunteer bone marrow donor
Characterization of a novel HLA-A*33 allele, A*33:47 , using next-generation sequencing
Identification of a novel HLA-B*51 allele, HLA-B*51:144 , in a Chinese individual
Identification of a novel HLA-B*51 variant allele, B*51:59 , in a Chinese Han individual
A novel HLA-C allele, C*08:01:10 was identified in a Chinese leukemia patient
A novel HLA-C null allele, HLA-C*05:99N
Identification of the novel KIR3DL1*01505 allele from southern Chinese Han individual
Full length KIR3DS1*0130110 allele isolated by SBT
A novel KIR2DL3*00110 allele identified in a southern Chinese Han individual
Characterization of the novel KIR2DL3*029 allele identified in a southern Chinese Han individual
Full-length KIR3DL1*022 detected in an African donor
A novel KIR2DL3 variant allele, KIR2DL3*031 , identified from a southern Chinese Han individual
Identification of the novel KIR2DL3*030 allele from a southern Chinese Han individual
The novel KIR2DL3*025 allele identified in an individual from a southern Chinese Han population
Full-length coding sequences of two MICA alleles, MICA*002:01 and MICA*012:01 , identified by sequence-based typing in Chinese individuals
Further polymorphism of the RAET1E/ULBP4 gene in humans