Innate and adaptive genetic pathways in HCV infection
Tissue Antigens ISSN 0001-2815
Peptide-induced HLA-E expression in human PBMCs is dependent on peptide sequence and the HLA-E genotype
Determination of HLA-A, -C, -B, -DRB1 allele and haplotype frequency in Japanese population based on family study
Inter-individual differences in HLA expression can impact the CDC crossmatch
Gene expression changes in HLA mismatched mixed lymphocyte cultures reveal genes associated with allorecognition
A method to discriminate between closely related bovine major histocompatibility complex class I alleles by combining established PCR-SSP assays with RFLPs
Association with HLA-DRB1 in Egyptian and German pemphigus vulgaris patients
Identification of a novel HLA-A*02:06:14 allele by polymerase chain reaction sequence-based typing in a Chinese bone marrow donor
A novel HLA-A allele, HLA-A*02:488, identified by sequence-based typing
HLA-A*02:541, a novel variant of HLA-A*02, discovered in a Taiwanese unrelated hematopoietic stem cell donor
Two novel HLA alleles, HLA-A*30:02:01:03 and HLA-C*08:113, identified in a South African bone marrow donor
A new HLA-B allele, B*49:34, sequenced in a Spanish individual
A new human leukocyte antigen class II allele, DRB1*09:12
KIR3DS1*0130111 : a novel KIR allele identified using molecular typing methods