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Prof. Dr. Johannes Joseph van Rood (1926‐2017)
Human leukocyte antigen distribution and genomic ancestry in Brazilian patients with sickle cell disease
Gene polymorphism and HLA‐G expression in patients with childhood‐onset systemic lupus erythematosus : A pilot study
HLA haplotypes in primary sclerosing cholangitis patients of admixed and non‐European ancestry
Impact of HLA‐DRB1 allele polymorphisms on control of HIV infection in a Peruvian MSM cohort
HFE gene polymorphism defined by sequence‐based typing of the Brazilian population and a standardized nomenclature for HFE allele sequences
Identification of a new HLA‐A allele, HLA‐A*02 : 07
Identification of a novel HLA‐A allele, HLA‐A*02 : 315
HLA‐A*02 : 687, a novel allele identified by sequence‐based typing in cord blood from a Korean woman
Identification of the novel HLA‐A*11 : 141 allele in a Chinese bone marrow donor
A new HLA‐A allele, HLA‐A*30 : 62, sequenced in a Chinese individual
Discovery of a novel HLA‐B*07 variant, HLA‐B*07 : 294, in a Chinese individual
Identification of a novel HLA‐B allele, HLA‐B*40 : 238, in a Taiwanese individual
Full‐length sequencing of the HLA region identified a novel allele, HLA‐B*52 : 70
The full‐length sequence of HLA‐B*59 : 01
Identification of a novel allele, HLA‐C*01 : 135, by full‐length genomic sequencing
A novel allele, HLA‐C*14 : 02
A novel HLA class II allele, HLA‐DQB1*03 : 73
Identification of the HLA‐DQB1*06 : 123 allele in an unrelated stem cell donor from the Saudi Registry