A two-year experience with a rapid access, self-sealing, polycarbonate urethane nanofiber vascular access graft for hemodialysis

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We present our experience with AVflo‖, a nanofiber, electrospun, self-sealing, early-access graft for hemodialysis (HD).


Evaluating the safety and efficacy of the AVflo‖ graft in terms of patency and complications (early and late) over 2 years.

Materials and methods:

Twelve end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients (age: mean 68.5 ± 10 years) were followed up for a mean period of 946 ± 570 days after receiving an implantation of the graft for HD. The grafts were implanted at the lower arm (loop configuration), upper arm (straight configuration) and the thigh (loop configuration). First dialysis was performed at day 7 (3-21) following implantation.

Results and discussion:

After a mean follow up of 24 months, the primary patency was 56% and the secondary patency was 82%. In this group, AVflo‖ shows similar if not superior efficacy and safety to that of available grafts in terms of safety, complications, and long-term patency.

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