Syntheses and structures of chalcogen–molybdenum clusters; [Mo3XSe6{S2P(OEt)2}3]Cl, [Mo3X(SeS)3{S2P(OEt)2}3]I and [Mo3 XSe3{S2P(OEt)2}4(py)] (X = 0.65S + 0.35Se, py = C5H5N)

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The trinuclear Mo cluster [Mo3(μ3-X)(μ2-Se2)3{S2P-(OEt)2}3]Cl (X = 0.65S + 0.35Se) (1) has been synthesised by reacting MoCl3·3H2O with ZnSe and [Me4N][S2P(OEt)2] in an EtOH/HCl medium. Reduction of (1) by Ph3P in the presence of [Me4N]-[S2P(OEt)2] and pyridine gave [Mo3(μ3-X)(μ2-Se)3 {S2P(OEt)2}4(py)] (X = 0.65S + 0.35Se, py = C5H5N) (2). Complex (2) was, in turn, converted into [Mo3(μ3-X)(μ2-SeS)3{S2P(OEt)2}3]I (X = 0.65S+0.35Se) (3) by treatment with H2S and I2. The structures of complexes (1), (2) and (3) were established by X-ray crystallography.

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