Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and crystal structure of cis-(bipyridine)2ruthenium(II) complexes containing nicotinoyl and isonicotinoyl hydrazone as ligands

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A series of ruthenium complexes cis-[Ru(bpy)2(L–L)] derived from cis-Ru(bpy)2 Cl2 and nicotinoyl or isonicotinoyl hydrazones have been synthesized, where bpy = 2,2′-bipyridine′, and L–L=nicotinoyl or isonicotinoyl hydrazones, p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde nicotinoylhydrazone (PDNH), p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde isonicotinoylhydrazone (PDINH), p-methoxybenzaldehyde nicotinoylhydrazone (PMNH) and, p-methoxybenzaldehyde isonicotinoylhydrazone (PMINH). The spectra of the complexes reveal that the ligands PMNH, PMINH and PDINH were coordinated to ruthenium in keto form, while PDNH, PNNH and PNINH were coordinated to the ruthenium in the enol form. Single crystal structure analysis of cis-Ru(bpy)2(PDNH)(ClO4)2 established that the coordination geometry about ruthenium is distorted octahedral with four nitrogen atoms from bipyridine molecules, the enol oxygen atom and azomethine nitrogen atom from PDNH.

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