The syntheses, crystal structure and magnetic behavior of μ-imidazolato-dicopper(II) complexes with the dinucleating hexaazamacrocycles

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The synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic properties of the imidazolate-bridged dinuclear copper(II) complex [LCu2(Im)](ClO4)3(H2O) ·1/2(MeCN), (ImH = imidazole, L = bis-p-xylylBISDIEN) have been studied. Single crystal X-ray diffraction determination reveals the distorted square planar geometries of the imidazolate bridged dicopper(II) center are incorporated within the dinucleating macrocycle. The Cu—Cu separation in the complex is 6.005Å. Magnetic measurements reveal an antiferromagnetic exchange interaction with a coupling constant of J = −26.52 cm−1. The enzymatic activity of the title complex is 5.9 percent of that of the protein.

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