A hard road: finding ways to reduce teen tobacco use
From social taboo to “torch of freedom”: the marketing of cigarettes to women
Asia: choppy seas for BAT butt boat
India: movie shoots at women
Czech Republic: Gauloises dates for students
Australia: Philip Morris exploits SIDS research
Litigation: a tobacco lawyer's view
South Africa: one life, waste it!
It's true. It kills. It's great!
UK: no cigarette under the stiff upper lip
Holy smoke!
Hong Kong: down at the fair
Smoke signs: patterns of tobacco billboard advertising in a metropolitan region
A randomised controlled trial of a community intervention to prevent adolescent tobacco use
Competence skills help deter smoking among inner city adolescents
Effect of an eight week smoking ban on women at US Navy recruit training command
Investing in youth tobacco control: a review of smoking prevention and control strategies
Exposure of black youths to cigarette advertising in magazines
Case study of attempts to enact self service tobacco display ordinances: a tale of three communities
The economics of tobacco: myths and realities
Reflections on the saga of tar content: why did we measure the wrong thing?
Banning smoking outdoors is seldom ethically justifiable
Banning outdoor smoking is scientifically justifiable
Outdoor smoking bans: more than meets the eye
How I nearly became a Marlboro Man
Abreast of the West: German effort to distract Poles from the truth about smoking
Only naughty the first time
Play it again
Smoking among Buddhist monks in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Effect of smokefree bar law on bar revenues in California
Passive smoking and an increased risk of acute stroke
Passive smoking and an increased risk of acute stroke
A tentative illustration of the smoking initiation and cessation cycles
Tobacco and women's health
Double indemnity: making sense of the US settlement
Smoke and mirrors: a history of denial
Up from the ashes: the fight for a new Tobacco Act
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