Saved by the bell: the role of telephone helpline services in the context of mass-media anti-smoking campaigns
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A rising problem?
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Impact of a telephone helpline for smokers who called during a mass media campaign
New Zealand's tobacco control programme 1985-1998
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Effectiveness of comprehensive tobacco control programmes in reducing teenage smoking in the USA
Costs of employee smoking in the workplace in Scotland
Effects of market liberalisation on smoking in Japan
Smoke knows no boundaries: legal strategies for environmental tobacco smoke incursions into the home within multi-unit residential dwellings
Globalisation of tobacco industry influence and new global responses
Research priorities for tobacco control in developing countries: a regional approach to a global consultative process
Advancing knowledge on regulating tobacco products, Oslo, Norway
Calendar of events
Most comprehensive tobacco control programme: New Zealand
Tobacco taxation
Increasing quitting by increasing access to treatment medications: USA
Tobacco advertising and display of tobacco products at point of sale: Tasmania, Australia
Surveillance of patterns and consequences of tobacco use: USA
Smoke free public spaces: California
Litigation: USA
Mass media campaigns: Australia, UK, USA
Reducing youth access to tobacco
What is the future for the tobacco industry?
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147 000 pieces of silver
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