Smoke-Free Families: supplement overview
Lorillard's “Candy Box” ad for Newport cigarettes: is she pregnant?
Helping pregnant smokers quit: meeting the challenge in the next decade
Costs of smoking during pregnancy: development of the Maternal and Child Health Smoking Attributable Mortality, Morbidity and Economic Costs (MCHSAMMEC) software
The process of pregnancy smoking cessation: implications for interventions
Reported measures of environmental tobacco smoke exposure: trials and tribulations
A process evaluation model for patient education programs for pregnant smokers
Application of motivational interviewing to prenatal smoking cessation: training and implementation issues
Predictors of intentions to stop smoking early in prenatal care
A survey of managed care strategies for pregnant smokers
Smoking reduction activities in a federal program to reduce infant mortality among high risk women
Interactive software: an educational/behavioural approach to smoking cessation for pregnant women and their families
Healthy Baby Second-Hand Smoke Study: project brief
The Kaiser Permanente prenatal smoking cessation trial: when more isn't better, what is enough?
An evaluation of videotaped vignettes for smoking cessation and relapse prevention during pregnancy: the Very Important Pregnant Smokers (VIPS) program
Randomised controlled trial of a postpartum relapse prevention intervention
Randomised controlled trial using social support and financial incentives for high risk pregnant smokers: Significant Other Supporter (SOS) program
Decreasing environmental tobacco smoke exposure among low income children: preliminary findings
Proactive telephone peer support to help pregnant women stop smoking
Enhanced prenatal case management for low income smokers
Quit for keeps: tailored smoking cessation guides for pregnancy and beyond
Recommended cessation counselling for pregnant women who smoke: a review of the evidence
Smoking in pregnancy: final thoughts
Measurement and definition for smoking cessation intervention research: the Smoke-Free Families experience
The use of pharmacotherapies for smoking cessation during pregnancy
Tobacco Control