Changes at Tobacco Control
European Union: shock at Rylander appointment
Japan, India: mobile smoking vans
Brazil: growers’ lobby stalls FCTC
Uganda: official’s “shock” over warning size
New Zealand: hospitality trade’s “mindset” problem
UK: how did these get here?
Guatemala: PM’s youth leaflets sent to homes
Hungary: court victory on point of sale ads
UK: cig as a parrot
Tobacco smoking using a waterpipe: a re-emerging strain in a global epidemic
Relation between access to tobacco and adolescent smoking
An international analysis of cigarette affordability
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Relation between local restaurant smoking regulations and attitudes towards the prevalence and social acceptability of smoking: a study of youths and adults who eat out predominantly at restaurants in their town
Impacts of the Master Settlement Agreement on the tobacco industry
A nicotine delivery device without the nicotine? Tobacco industry development of low nicotine cigarettes
The wealth effects of smoking
The Living Tomorrow Project: how Philip Morris has used a Belgian tourist attraction to promote ventilation approaches to the control of second hand smoke
How Philip Morris unlocked the Japanese cigarette market: lessons for global tobacco control
Regional, disease specific patterns of smoking-attributable mortality in 2000
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Tobacco attributable deaths in South Africa
Tobacco use in popular movies during the past decade
Adults only: the prevalence of tobacco promotions in bars and clubs in the Boston area
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Is household smoking status associated with expenditure on food at restaurants, alcohol, gambling and insurance? Results from the 1998–99 Household Expenditure Survey, Australia
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Which smokers use the smoking cessation Quitline in Hong Kong, and how effective is the Quitline?
How much downside? Quantifying the relative harm from tobacco taxation
Genetically decreased CYP2A6 and the risk of tobacco dependence: a prospective study of novice smokers
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Merchandising of cigarettes in San Francisco pharmacies: 27 years later
Achieving the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control’s potential by investing in national capacity
Food and Drug Administration regulation of tobacco products: introduction
Food and Drug Administration regulation of tobacco: snatching defeat from the jaws of victory
Opposition in search of a rationale: the case for Food and Drug Administration regulation
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Advocacy in action: extreme corporate makeover interruptus: denormalising tobacco industry corporate schmoozing
Corporate social responsibility and the tobacco industry: hope or hype?
The economic impact of smoke-free legislation on sales turnover in restaurants and pubs in Tasmania
Unfiltered: conflict over tobacco policy and public health
Le tabac en France: Les vrais chiffres
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