The tobacco industry in Asia: revelations in the corporate documents
“Care and feeding”: the Asian environmental tobacco smoke consultants programme
“A phony way to show sincerity, as we all well know”: tobacco industry lobbying against tobacco control in Hong Kong
“Asian yuppies…are always looking for something new and different”: creating a tobacco culture among young Asians
“Asia is now the priority target for the world anti-tobacco movement”: attempts by the tobacco industry to undermine the Asian anti-smoking movement
Industry sponsored youth smoking prevention programme in Malaysia: a case study in duplicity
A mire of highly subjective and ineffective voluntary guidelines: tobacco industry efforts to thwart tobacco control in Malaysia
“The world’s most hostile environment”: how the tobacco industry circumvented Singapore’s advertising ban
A “clean cigarette” for a clean nation: a case study of Salem Pianissimo in Japan
The tobacco industry’s accounts of refining indirect tobacco advertising in Malaysia
The Philippine tobacco industry: “the strongest tobacco lobby in Asia”
“If we can just ‘stall’ new unfriendly legislations, the scoreboard is already in our favour”: transnational tobacco companies and ingredients disclosure in Thailand
Breaking and re-entering: British American Tobacco in China 1979–2000
Competing with kreteks: transnational tobacco companies, globalisation, and Indonesia
Complicity in contraband: British American Tobacco and cigarette smuggling in Asia
“Almost a role model of what we would like to do everywhere”: British American Tobacco in Cambodia
ARTIST (Asian regional tobacco industry scientist team): Philip Morris’ attempt to exert a scientific and regulatory agenda on Asia