The need for tobacco regulation
China: marathon event runs on green ribbon power
Lebanon: business as usual
Spain: lessons of a not-so-smoke-free law
New Zealand: Pacific islanders’ smoking targeted
USA: Philip Morris deplores bad taste
Denmark: that tired old freedom thing again
Czech Republic: film targets still in frame
Malaysia: “transparency”—industry people at FCTC talks
Canada: a new angle on packs
Mauritius: British minister flouts rules to greet BAT man
Australia: health warnings canned
Czech Republic: addiction course includes tobacco
UK: smoke-free effect on pension funds
Cost-effectiveness of pharmacotherapies for nicotine dependence in primary care settings: a multinational comparison
Paradoxical increase in cigarette smuggling after the market opening in Taiwan
Smokeless tobacco use 1992–2002: trends and measurement in the Current Population Survey-Tobacco Use Supplements
Adolescent smoking behaviour and cigarette brand preference in Japan
The fraction of ischaemic heart disease and stroke attributable to smoking in the WHO Western Pacific and South-East Asian regions
Brand differences of free-base nicotine delivery in cigarette smoke: the view of the tobacco industry documents
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Risk factors for tobacco dependence in adolescent smokers
Vulnerability to smoking after trying a single cigarette can lie dormant for three years or more
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Role of snus in initiation and cessation of tobacco smoking in Sweden
Philip Morris’s Project Sunrise: weakening tobacco control by working with it
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Eliminating child labour in Malawi: a British American Tobacco corporate responsibility project to sidestep tobacco labour exploitation
Fiscal versus social responsibility: how Philip Morris shaped the public funds divestment debate
Decline in respiratory symptoms in service workers five months after a public smoking ban
The Tobacco Control Scale: a new scale to measure country activity
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Every document and picture tells a story: using internal corporate document reviews, semiotics, and content analysis to assess tobacco advertising
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Maximum yields might improve public health—if filter vents were banned: a lesson from the history of vented filters
The Philip Morris External Research Program: results from the first round of projects
Why the tobacco industry fears point of sale display bans
Tobacco use among Spanish physicians and medical students
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