Putting truth into action: using the evidence for justice
The Tobacco Deposition and Trial Testimony Archive (DATTA) project: origins, aims, and methods
Epidemiology of the third wave of tobacco litigation in the United States, 1994–2005
Tobacco manufacturers’ defence against plaintiffs’ claims of cancer causation: throwing mud at the wall and hoping some of it will stick
Tobacco industry litigation position on addiction: continued dependence on past views
How the health belief model helps the tobacco industry: individuals, choice, and “information”
“Stay away from them until you’re old enough to make a decision”: tobacco company testimony about youth smoking initiation
The role of tobacco advertising and promotion: themes employed in litigation by tobacco industry witnesses
Challenging the epidemiologic evidence on passive smoking: tactics of tobacco industry expert witnesses
Economics on trial: the use and abuse of economic methods in third party tobacco litigation
Consumer acceptable risk: how cigarette companies have responded to accusations that their products are defective
Potential reduced exposure products (PREPs) in industry trial testimony
Perceptions of industry responsibility and tobacco control policy by US tobacco company executives in trial testimony
Historians’ testimony on “common knowledge” of the risks of tobacco use: a review and analysis of experts testifying on behalf of cigarette manufacturers in civil litigation
“Everyone knew but no one had proof”: tobacco industry use of medical history expertise in US courts, 1990–2002