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Mortality attributable to passive smoking in Spain, 2002
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Exposure to domestic violence associated with adult smoking in India: a population based study
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Use of nicotine replacement therapy to reduce or delay smoking but not to quit: prevalence and association with subsequent cessation efforts
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Ultrafine particle emissions from waterpipes
Lifetime medical expenditure and life expectancy lost attributable to smoking through major smoking related diseases in Taiwan
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Nicotine replacement therapy, professional therapy, snuff use and tobacco smoking: a study of smoking cessation strategies in southern Sweden
Disease burden of adult lung cancer and ischaemic heart disease from passive tobacco smoking in China
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Comprehensive smoke-free legislation in England: how advocacy won the day
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Investigating cigarette affordability in 60 cities using the cigarette price-daily income ratio
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Smoking cessation attempts among adolescent smokers: a systematic review of prevalence studies
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