Transitions at Tobacco Control
Doing the unthinkable (and saving millions of lives)
The case against tobacco prohibition
A doomed dinosaur
Tobacco prohibition: doing the unthinkable
Marginalising tobacco control advocates
Theoretically an option, but an enforcement nightmare
“Our” tobacco industry “death-lihood” up in smoke? Don’t dare dream it!
News analysis
Modelling the health benefits of smoking cessation in Japan
The lighter side
The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and the adoption of domestic tobacco control policies: the Ecuadorian experience
The lighter side
British American Tobacco’s failure in Turkey
Cigarette fires and burns in a population of New Zealand smokers
An algorithm for tailoring pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation: results from a Delphi panel of international experts
Explaining the social gradient in smoking cessation: it’s not in the trying, but in the succeeding
Comparing the effects of entertainment media and tobacco marketing on youth smoking
Developing smokeless tobacco products for smokers: an examination of tobacco industry documents
The lighter side
Smoke-free legislation and charitable gaming in Kentucky
Tobacco advertising on the street in Kunming, China
Smoker-free workplace policies: developing a model of public health consequences of workplace policies barring employment to smokers
Remembering Ron Davis
New Zealand: new graphic warnings encourage registrations with the quitline