Tobacco control at twenty
Successes and new emerging challenges in tobacco control
Legal action by Big Tobacco against the Australian government's plain packaging law
Worldwide news and comment
The history of the discovery of the cigarette–lung cancer link
A brief overview of the tobacco industry in the last 20 years
Invited commentary
Stages of the cigarette epidemic on entering its second century
Invited commentary
The impact of tobacco control research on policy
Interventions to increase smoking cessation at the population level
Understanding the vector in order to plan effective tobacco control policies
Mass media campaigns to promote smoking cessation among adults
New media and tobacco control
Tobacco control is losing ground in the Web 2.0 era
Comprehensive tobacco marketing restrictions
Smoke-free air policies
Tobacco industry denormalisation as a tobacco control intervention
The tobacco industry is not a ‘normal’ business, so let us stop treating it that way
Tobacco taxes as a tobacco control strategy
Non-cigarette tobacco products
Environmental health impacts of tobacco farming
Invited commentary
Bibliographic analysis of papers and authors published in Tobacco Control 1998–September 2011
Invited commentary
Best of The Lighter Side (1992–2009)
Human rights-based approach to tobacco control
Invited commentary
Allying tobacco control with human rights
Four COPs and counting
Whither tobacco product regulation?
Product liability
Feasibility of tobacco product liability litigation in Uganda
Invited commentary
From cigarette smuggling to illicit tobacco trade
Illicit trade protocol
Invited commentary
Women and tobacco
Women and tobacco
The complexity of ‘harm reduction’ with smokeless tobacco as an approach to tobacco control in low-income and middle-income countries
Improving smoking cessation approaches at the individual level
What public health strategies are needed to reduce smoking initiation?
Softening up on the hardening hypothesis
The hardening hypothesis
Moving beyond global tobacco control to global disease control
Moving towards more equitable and integrated approaches for tobacco control and non-communicable diseases
Tobacco control, global health policy and development
Integrating tobacco control into health and development agendas
The need for new strategies to combat the epidemic of smoking-related harm
How smoking became history
Exploring vector space
What are the elements of the tobacco endgame?
Pinocchio shows how to end the tobacco epidemic
Invited commentary