Flavoured tobacco products in the USA
Flavoured non-cigarette tobacco product use among US adults
Changes in the prevalence and correlates of menthol cigarette use in the USA, 2004–2014
Association between menthol-flavoured cigarette smoking and flavoured little cigar and cigarillo use among African-American, Hispanic, and white young and middle-aged adult smokers
Flavour preferences in youth versus adults
Tobacco industry use of flavourings to promote smokeless tobacco products
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Cigarette smoking and electronic cigarette vaping patterns as a function of e-cigarette flavourings
Association between use of flavoured tobacco products and quit behaviours
Flavourings significantly affect inhalation toxicity of aerosol generated from electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS)
Detection of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural and furfural in the aerosol of electronic cigarettes
Distribution, quantification and toxicity of cinnamaldehyde in electronic cigarette refill fluids and aerosols
Flavoured tobacco products and the public's health