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Health Care Reform
Patient-Focused Care
Seamless Patient Care Through Patient-Focused Work Redesign
Training Cross-Functional Teams
Documentation in the 2 1st Century
Negotiating Nutrition Reimbursement
Reimbursement for Outpatient Nutrition Services
Incorporating Critical Pathways into the Management of Pediatric Nutrition 3 upport
Breast-Feeding Determinants and Postpartum Food Habits among Korean- American Women
The Use of Health Behavior Theory in Nutrition Counseling
Successful Utilization of Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act Standards and Continuous Quality Improvement Indicators to Implement Changes in a Geriatric Diet Program
Practical Handbook of Nutrition in Clinical Practice
Dietetic Service Operation Handbook
Hispanic Foodways, Nutrition, & Health
Physicians Curriculum in Clinical Nutrition
Exchanges for All Occasions
The Living Heart Brand Name Shoppers Guide
Educators Slide Kit on Food Labels
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