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Practical Approaches to Outcomes Evaluation
Demonstrating the Effectiveness of Medical Nutrition Therapy
High Hemoglobin And Hematocrit Levels And Pregnancy Outcomes
Sports Nutrition Counseling
The Cost of Medical Nutrition Therapy in Healing Pressure Ulcers
The Effectiveness of a Food Preparation and Nutrition Education Program for Children
Estimated Dietary Folate Intake and Food Sources for American Adults Classified by Ready-to-Eat Cereal Consumption Pattern
Nutrition Knowledge and Attitudes of Physician Assistants
An audit of dietary treatment modalities and weight-loss outcomes in a specialist obesity clinic
A survey of dietetic practice in obesity management
Efficacy of very low energy diets and meal replacements in the treatment of obesity
Changing practice nurses' management of obesity
Dietary treatment of people at high coronary risk
A trial of lactase management of infant colic
Crohn's disease effects diet and growth in children
Parenteral nutrition
Evidence of nutrient dilution with high sugar intakes in older South Africans
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