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The Role of The Entry-Level Clinical Dietitian in Today's Tertiary-Care Hospital
2000 CDC Growth Charts
Nutrition and ADHD
Factors that Influence Women's Folate Intake
Soybean and Soyfood Consumption Increase Oxalate Excretion
Contribution of Dietary Oxalate to Urinary Oxalate in Health and Disease
Perinatal Factors, Motivation, and Attitudes Concerning Pregnancy Affect Dietary Intake
Influence of dietary fat on postprandial glucose metabolism (exogenous and endogenous) using intrinsically 13 C-enriched durum wheat
Inter-pregnancy folate and iron status of women in an inner-city population
Nutritional assessment and intervention in patients admitted with a femoral neck fracture
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Dietary and lifestyle factors influencing iron stores in Australian women
Carbohydrate advantage—Going the distance in weight management. Dietary strategies for weight management—The importance of carbohydrates
Carbohydrates and appetite control
Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease