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The Regional Experience : Northeast Regional Research on Older Adults
Issues and Strategies Related to Fruit and Vegetable Intake in Older Adults Living in the Northeast Region
Association of Weight Status With Dietary Patterns in Older Adults
Review of the Derivation and Applicability of Selected Biochemical Indicators of Nutritional Status as Predictors of Chronic Disease in the Elderly : Accomplishments of the USDA Northeast-172 Technical Committee
Diet and Plasma Lipoproteins in Elderly With and Without Cardiovascular Disease : Results From the Framingham Heart Study
Biochemical Measures of Antioxidant Status
Comparison of Dysphagia Screening by a Registered Dietitian in Acute Stroke Patients to Speech Language Pathologist's Evaluation
Private Practice Nutrition Referrals and Payment Ratios
Fatty Acid Intake and Serum Lipids in Overweight and Obese Adults : Short-term Effects of Fat Reduction, Exercise, and Weight Loss