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Implications of Weight Stigma, Attitude, and Body Mass Index on Nutrition Competence
Weight Status and Growth Patterns Among Children With Autism Living in North Carolina
Body Image Does Not Predict Caloric Estimation Accuracy
Body Composition Changes and Reduction of Risk for Metabolic Syndrome After Bariatric Surgery
The Role of Carotenoid- and Glucosinolate-Containing Vegetables in Cancer Prevention and Their Promotion in Clinical Practice
Application of a Menu-Planning Template As a Tool for Promoting Healthy Preadolescent Diets
A Novel Approach to Oral Health Assessment Training for Dietitians in Long-Term Care Settings in Israel
A Pilot Study of a Subjective Dietary Analysis Tool for Use With Hemodialysis Patients
Comparing the RAM Calcium Checklist Method With the 24-Hour Recall for Calcium Assessment in Older Adults
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