Introduction : A Vision for 21st Century Emergency Response Communications
The Response Time Myth : Does Time Matter in Responding to Emergencies?
Surveying Emerging Trends in Emergency-related Information Delivery for the EMS Profession
Architecture and Principles of a Modern Integrated Emergency Medical Information Network
Implementing a National Health Information Infrastructure to Support the Medical Response to Emerging Microbial Pathogens and Bioterrorism
Impact of Informatics and New Technologies on Emergency Care Environments
Making Healthcare Preparedness a Part of the Homeland Security Equation
Automatic Crash Notification and the URGENCY Algorithm : Its History, Value, and Use
Development of URGENCY 2.1 for the Prediction of Crash Injury Severity
Getting the Data and Getting It Straight : The Frontlines Project and Similar Initiatives
Interoperability Now : Integrating Emergency Communications and Information—A Virginia Case Study
Food and Drug Administration Ruling on Antibiotic Resistance