Rehabilitation Utilization in New York State: Implications for Geriatric Rehabilitation in 2015

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The article presents rehabilitation utilization patterns in New York State from 1985/6 through 1998. Data from hospital discharges, certified home health agencies (CHHP), skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), and long-term home health certified programs (LTHHCP) were used to aid understanding of future rehabilitation needs of aging Baby Boomers. Hospital data indicate an 854% increase in discharges with rehabilitation codes for persons 60+. CHHPs provided 134% more rehabilitation visits; LTHHCPs recorded 394% more visits. The percentage of SNF residents receiving restorative rehabilitation increased 9.44% for restorative physical therapy, and 7.64% for restorative occupational therapy, with declines in the percentage receiving non-restorative treatment.

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