Foreword : Role of Leisure and Physical Activity for Millennials, Generation X (Seniors/Older Adult in Training), and Current Cohort of Seniors
I Would Rather Die Than Live Sedentary : Is the Demonization of Passive Leisure Creating a Future Generation of Older People Who Will Not Accept Inactivity?
Rural Older Adult Physical Activity Promotion : Past, Present, and Future
A Socioecological Approach to Women's Participation in Competitive Softball During Middle and Late Adulthood : Implications for the Future
Examining Chronic Disease, Pain-Related Impairment, and Physical Activity Among Middle-Aged and Older Adults in Canada : Implications for Current and Future Aging Populations
How Lived Body and Lived Space Intersect to Influence the Experience of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Aquatic Exercise Among Older Adults : A Qualitative Investigation
Active Aging for L.I.F.E. : An Intergenerational Public Health Initiative Addressing Perceptions and Behaviors Around Longevity, Independence, Fitness, and Engagement