Efficacy of Elastic Resistance Training Program for the Institutionalized Elderly

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Objective:This study aimed to assess the efficacy of a progressive resistance training program on dynamic balance and functional mobility among the institutionalized elderly.Methods:A total of 45 institutionalized elderly from a senior welfare home participated in this quasi-experimental study. The exercise group (n = 21) attended a group-based program for 12 weeks, meeting twice a week. A 2-factor repeated-measures analysis of variance and independent and paired t tests were used to analyze the data.Results:The results showed a significant improvement for the exercise group in the Reach Test for the forward (%Δ= 18.51%), right (%Δ= 20.0%), and left (%Δ= 17.7%) directions and in the 6-Minute Walk Test (%Δ= 12.09%, all Ps < .001) after the intervention.Conclusion:The elastic band training provides a simple and inexpensive exercise program that improves the balance control and consequently functional mobility effectively.

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