Aging, Life Satisfaction, and Self-reported Problems Among Participants with Spinal Cord Injury

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The purpose of this study was to identify the association of chronologic age and years post injury with subjective well-being. A total of 863 participants with SCI were administered the Life Situation Questionnaire-Revised (LSQ-R). Participants were grouped into five cohorts based on chronologic age and five cohorts based on years lived post injury and compared on the nine LSQ-R scales based on recent factor analysis. One-way analysis of variance was used for each comparison, with the alpha level adjusted for the number of comparisons. Linear and quadratic trends were tested for clarification on scales that were significantly different between groups. In general, the chronologic age and years lived post injury related to higher satisfaction and fewer self-reported problems on selected subscales. The results suggest several types of favorable changes in subjective well-being as individuals age with SCI.

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