Clinical Management of Agnosia
Management of Anomia
Aphasia, Alexia, and Oral Reading
Remediation of Written Language
Acquired Apraxia of Speech: Features, Accounts, and Treatment
Simulation of Bilateral Movement Training Through Mirror Reflection: A Case Report Demonstrating an Occupational Therapy Technique for Hemiparesis
A Set of Observational Measures for Rating Support and Participation in Conversation Between Adults with Aphasia and Their Conversation Partners
Determining Decision-Making Capacity in Individuals with Severe Communication Impairments After Stroke: The Role of Augmentative-Alternative Communication (AAC)
For-Profit or Not-for-Profit Health Care in Today's Environment: Does It Matter?
Brain Damage: Its Manifestation on the Body and Mind and the Scope of Rehabilitation from the Perspective of a Patient
Don't Worry About a Thing…Every Little Thing Gonna Be All Right (A tribute to Bob Marley who sang a song by the same name)