EffectiveTityus serrulatusanti-venom produced using the Ts1 component

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Scorpion stings are a public health problem in Brazil, with most incidents involving the species Tityus serrulatus. Some T. serrulatus toxins may act as immunogens for the production of a specific anti-venom, but many of the component toxins remain poorly characterized. Here, we describe the immunological characteristics of the toxin Ts1 (also known as TsVII and Ts-gamma) and evaluate production of neutralizing antibodies against the crude venom of T. serrulatus. Recombinant Ts1 with one copy (Ts1(1)) or two copies in tandem (Ts1(2)) was expressed in BL21 (DE3) cells. Rabbits and mice were immunized with the recombinant proteins (inclusion bodies) and then tested for production of neutralizing antibodies. Neutralization assays showed that anti-Ts1(1) and anti-Ts1(2) protected animals challenged with T. serrulatus crude venom and native Ts1. Thus, Ts1 could be used in a mixed “cocktail” of immunogens for T. serrulatus anti-venom production.

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