History of the International Society on Toxinology – A personal view

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The International Society on Toxinology (IST) was founded in 1962 with its main purpose to advance knowledge on venoms, poisons and toxins of animal, plant and microbial origin. World Congresses of the Society and Symposia of the IST-Sections (European, Pan-American, Asia-Pacific) are regularly organized to promote communication and exchange of results in toxinology research. The officers of the Society, the President and Secretary-Treasurer, are assisted by a Council and they all are elected by the membership. IST sponsors the Redi Award to recognize distinguished work in the field of toxinology. Toxicon is the official journal of the Society.


▸ This is the first account of the history of the International Society on Toxinology. ▸ The Society was founded in 1962 and exists since 50 years now. ▸ A complete listing of the officers of the Society and of the World Congresses as well as of the regional Symposia is provided.

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