A hospital based epidemiological study of snakebite in Western Development Region, Nepal

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Snakebite is an important and serious medical problem throughout the entire terai region of Nepal. But comprehensive study of snakebite epidemiology in Western Development Region of Nepal is scarce. We described the status of snakebite situation in the region based on retrospective data retrieved from 10 snakebite treatment centers during June 2011 to February 2012. We reported six thousand and nine hundred ninety three snakebites in 2008–2010. Of all, we found 640 (9%) cases envenomed and received anti-venom therapy. We recorded the highest number of snakebites in July, August and September, which account 57% of all snakebite victims, during 15.00 and 21.00 h. People aged 11–20 years were mostly victimized by snakebite as compared to other age groups. Female suffered more than male. The average requirement of polyvalent snake anti-venom was 16 vials. Overall, case fatality rate was 13%.

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