Cytotoxicity of diplodiatoxin, dipmatol and diplonine, metabolites synthesized byStenocarpella maydis

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The cytotoxicity of three Stenocarpella maydis metabolites (diplodiatoxin, dipmatol and diplonine) was investigated on Neuro-2a, CHO-K1 and MDBK cell lines. Diplodiatoxin was the most cytotoxic followed by dipmatol. Conversely, diplonine was not cytotoxic. Diplodiatoxin and dipmatol affected mitochondrial succinate dehydrogenase (MTT assay) and the overall viability of cells as assessed in real-time (xCELLigence assay). The results obtained so far indicate that diplodiatoxin and dipmatol exert their toxicity possibly via the necrotic cell death pathway.

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