Therapeutic potential of krait venom

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Kraits belong to Elapideae and are widely distributed in East and South-East Asian countries. Krait venom possesses neurotoxins, membrane toxins, cardiotoxins, three finger toxins, metalloproteinases, cholinesterases, L-amino acid oxidases and serine proteases. The therapeutic potential of krait venom in pathophysiological conditions such as microbial and parasitic infections, cancer, arthritis, inflammation and blood coagulation disorder is discussed in this review. More intensive new research ventures are required to establish the therapeutic potential of krait venom in complex and emerging diseases.HIGHLIGHTSKrait venom is a natural resource having therapeutic potential.The common constituents of krait venom are discussed in this review.Therapeutic potential of krait venom against microbes, cancer, arthritis etc. are discussed in this review.

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