Hemorrhagic stroke secondary toBothropsspp. venom: A case report

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The Bothrops spp. venom contain metalloproteinases that contributes to vascular and hemorrhagic effects. This case report describes a 58 years-old patient from the city of Dona Inês, Paraiba, Brazil victim of an ophidian accident by Bothrops spp. The vascular and hemorrhagic effects of venom components have triggered a hemorrhagic stroke. Brazil has about 600 deaths annually due to ophidian accidents. However, as reports have been precarious, the obtaining of epidemiological-clinical data has been affected. This case highlights the importance of prior knowledge of possible neurological and vascular complications in Bothrops spp. venom to increase the effectiveness of an adequate treatment.HighlightsThis case report describes a 58 years-old female victim of Bothrops spp. snakebite.Blood dyscrasia and hemorrhagic stroke were observed two days after the snakebite.Administration of anti-Bothrops serum and conservative approach was instituted.After nine days, patient showed improvement and had good functional recovery.There is the importance of reporting relationship between envenomation and stroke.

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