Local and systemic effects of BdipTX-I, a Lys-49 phospholipase A2 isolated fromBothrops diporussnake venom

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The present work aimed to isolate a basic phospholipase A2 (PLA2) from Bothrops diporus snake venom (BdV), evaluate and compare the myotoxic and oedema-inducing activities, as well as the systemic effects caused by both the isolated PLA2 and BdV on Swiss mice. A Lys-49 PLA2 (BdipTX-I) was obtained through two chromatographic steps: an ion-exchange and a reverse phase. The local (oedema and myotoxicity) and systemic (hepatic and renal functions) effects were then assessed for BdipTX-I and BdV. Results showed that the oedema-inducing activity was significant in all tested doses (5 and 20 μg/paw) for both BdipTX-I and BdV. Myotoxicity was evaluated by the increase of serum CK, CK-MB and LDH, and results showed that BdV effect is more prominent than BdipTX-I effect. The systemic effects were evaluated by determining specific laboratory markers: AST, ALT, GGT, ALP, urea, creatinine, protein and calcium. BdipTX-I and BdV were able to induce renal changes in the experimental model, leading to proteinuria (induced both by BdipTX-I and by BdV) and uremia (induced only by BdV). Thus, it is concluded that the systemic effects of BdV and BdipTX-I occur differently.HighlightsA new Lys basic PLA2 from B. diporus was isolated.BdipTX-I and BdV induced local effects.Systemic effects of BdV and BdipTX-I occur differently.

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