Role of l-amino acid oxidase isolated fromCalloselasma rhodostomavenom on neutrophil NADPH oxidase complex activation

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The action of Cr-LAAO, an l-amino acid oxidase isolated from Calloselasma rhodosthoma snake venom, on NADPH oxidase activation in isolated human neutrophil function was investigated. This enzyme has an intrinsic activity of hydrogen peroxide production. Cr-LAAO, in its native form, induces the ROS production in neutrophil and migration of cytosolic NADPH oxidase components p40phox, p47phox and p67phox to the membrane, and Rac, a GTPase protein member, with the involvement of intracellular signaling mediated by phospho PKC-α. In its inactive form, iCr-LAAO does not induce NADPH oxidase activation in neutrophil showing that the intrinsic enzymatic activity does not have a role in this process, suggesting that its primary structure is essential for the cell's stimulation. Accordingly, the data showed for the first time that the Cr-LAAO has a role in NADPH oxidase complex activation triggering relevant proinflammatory events in human neutrophils.

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