A new microcystin producingNostocstrain discovered in broad toxicological screening of non-planktic Nostocaceae (cyanobacteria)

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Benthic cyanobacteria recognized as producers of natural products, including cyanotoxins, have been neglected for systematic toxicological studies. Thus, we have performed a broad study investigating cyanotoxin potential of 311 non-planktic nostocacean representatives combining molecular and chemical analyses. Out of these, a single strain Nostoc sp. Treb K1/5, was identified as a new microcystin producer. Microcystins [Asp3]MC-YR, [Asp3]MC-FR, [Asp3]MC-HtyR and Ala-Leu/Ile-Asp-Arg-Adda-Glu-Mdha are reported for the first time from the genus Nostoc. All the studied strains were also analyzed for the occurrence of nodularins, cylindrospermopsin and (homo)anatoxin-a, yet no novel producer has been discovered. Our findings indicate rare occurrence of the common cyanotoxins in non-planktic nostocaceae which is in contrast with frequent reports of cyanotoxin producers among phylogenetically closely related planktic cyanobacteria.Graphical abstractHighlightsSystematic cyanotoxin screening of 311 non-planktic Nostocaceae (Cyanobacteria) strains.Four microcystin variants described for the first time from the Nostoc genus.No novel producer of nodularins, cylindrospermopsin and (homo)anatoxin-a discovered.Non-planktic nostocacean: Rare occurrence of cyanotoxins frequently found in their planktic counterparts.

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