Lack of alkaloids and tetrodotoxin in the neotropical frogsAllobatesspp. (Aromobatidae) andSilverstoneia flotator(Dendrobatidae)

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Frogs of the family Dendrobatidae are known to contain toxic alkaloids in their skin secretion, but Allobates species of the closely related Aromobatidae family are considered to lack toxic secretions. However, contradictory results have been reported. Analyses of alcohol extracts from three different Allobates species from South-America (Guiana Shield), Central America (Costa Rica), and from the dendrobatid frog Silverstoneia flotator confirm the absence of alkaloids and tetrodotoxin in aromobatids and in a dendrobatid of the subfamily Colostethinae.HighlightsNeotropical frogs of the genus Allobates and Silverstoneia are closely related to the poison frog family Dendrobatidae.Their skin secretions are also considered to be toxic.Analysis of their skin extracts provided no evidence for the presence of toxic alkaloids or tetrodotoxin.

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