Equistatin and equinatoxin gene expression is influenced by environmental temperature in the sea anemoneActinia equina

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We examined the gene expression levels of equinatoxin and equistatin in the sea anemone Actinia equina, when reared at varying environmental temperatures for five months. Both genes were significantly downregulated at 10°C compared to 16°C but showed no significant change at 22°C. This provides the first evidence of an effect of temperature on gene expression, but with no effect of increasing temperatures such as those predicted due to climate change.HIGHLIGHTSOur results indicate environmental temperature significantly influences the expression of two genes within Actinia equina.Equinatoxin and equistatin are both downregulated when acclimatised from 16 to 10°C.There is no set relationship between toxin gene expression and temperature, the effect is gene specific.

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