The Nongenotoxic Hepatocarcinogens Diethylhexylphthalate and Methylclofenapate Induce DNA Synthesis Preferentially in Octoploid Rat Hepatocytes
Morphological Changes in the Kidney of Dogs Chronically Exposed to Exogenous Growth Hormone
CyA-Mediated Renal Interstitial and Vascular Lesions in the Rat under Low-Sodium Diet
Mutations of ras Protooncogenes and p53 Tumor Suppressor Gene in Cardiac Hemangiosarcomas from B6C3F1 Mice Exposed to 1,3-Butadiene for 2 Years
Dual Effects of Prolonged ACTH Stimulation on 4-Hydroxyaminoquinoline 1-Oxide-Induced Adrenocortical Lesions in Rats
Liver Tumor-Promoting Effect of β-Naphthoflavone, a Strong CYP 1A1/2 Inducer, and the Relationship between CYP 1A1/2 Induction and Cx32 Decrease in Its Hepatocarcinogenesis in the Rat
Overexpression of Grb2 in Inflammatory Lesions and Preneoplastic Foci and Tumors Induced by N-Nitrosodimethylamine in Helicobacter hepaticus -Infected and -Noninfected A/J Mice
Cataractogenesis in Neonatal Sprague-Dawley Rats by N -Methyl- N -Nitrosourea
Detrusor Myopathy in Young Beagle Dogs
Morphogenesis of Craniopharyngeal Derivatives in the Neurohypophysis of Fisher 344 Rats
Possible Involvement of bcl-2 Suppression in Wild-Type p53 Gene-Dependent Cell Growth Repression in Rat Osteosarcoma Cells
Effects of Antioxidants Apocynin and the Natural Water-Soluble Antioxidant from Spinach on Cellular Damage Induced by Lipopolysaccaride in the Rat
The Prophylactic Effects of Natural Water-Soluble Antioxidant from Spinach and Apocynin in a Rabbit Model of Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Endotoxemia
Apoptosis, PCNA, and p53 in Fundulus grandis Fish Liver after In Vivo Exposure to N -methyl- N '-nitro- N -nitrosoguanidine and 2-Aminofluorene
Carcinogenicity of Chloral Hydrate Administered in Drinking Water to the Male F344/N Rat and Male B6C3F1 Mouse
Accumulation of Iron in the Rat Lung after Tracheal Instillation of Diesel Particles
Pathology and Tissue Sampling Protocols for Rodent Carcinogenicity Studies