p27Kip1 ( Cdkn1b )-Deficient Mice Are Susceptible to Chemical Carcinogenesis and May Be a Useful Model for Carcinogen Screening
Isomer-Specific Bioactivation and Toxicity of Dichlorophenyl Methylsulphone in Rat Olfactory Mucosa
Murine Lethal Toxic Shock Caused by Intranasal Administration of Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B
Methimazole-Induced Damage in the Olfactory Mucosa
Involvement of Toxicity as an Early Event in Urinary Bladder Carcinogenesis Induced by Phenethyl Isothiocyanate, Benzyl Isothiocyanate, and Analogues in F344 Rats
Pathogenesis of Male Reproductive Tract Lesions from Gestation Through Adulthood Following in Utero Exposure to Di( n -butyl) Phthalate
A Spontaneous Mutation
Transcription Profiling Distinguishes Dose-Dependent Effects in the Livers of Rats Treated with Clofibrate
Immune Responses in the Lung and Local Lymph Node of A/J Mice to Intranasal Sensitization and Challenge with Adjuvant-Free Ovalbumin
Frequent Sampling Reveals Dynamic Responses by the Transcriptome to Routine Media Replacement in HepG2 Cells
A Fast Histochemical Staining Method to Identify Hyaline Droplets in the Rat Kidney