A Contemporary Overview of Chronic Progressive Nephropathy in the Laboratory Rat, and Its Significance for Human Risk Assessment
Evaluation of the Xpa-Deficient Transgenic Mouse Model for Short-Term Carcinogenicity Testing
Histopathological and Molecular Changes During Apoptosis Produced by 7H-Dibenzo[c,g]-Carbazole in Mouse Liver
Mucosal Toxicity Studies of a Gel Formulation of Native Pokeweed Antiviral Protein
Sequential Analysis of Development of Invasive Thyroid Follicular Cell Carcinomas in Inflamed Capsular Regions of Rats Treated with Sulfadimethoxine after N -bis(2-hydroxypropyl)nitrosamine-initiation
Modifying Effects of 1′-Acetoxychavicol Acetate (ACA) and the Novel Synthetic Retinoids Re-80, Am-580 and Am-55P in a Two-Stage Carcinogenesis Model in Female Rats
A Case Report of a Choroid Plexus Carcinoma Spontaneously Occurring in the Right Lateral Ventricle of a 14-Week-Old, Female Donryu Rat
Recommendations to Guide Determining Cause of Death in Toxicity Studies
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